“Made in Italy” is a worldwide renowned grant of quality, and the aerospace sector is no exception.

The Italian aerospace SMEs have great potential in terms of know-how, flexibility, high technology and wide variety of aerospace supply. But there is a drawback: the Italian SMEs are often too small, and much too scattered on the national territory. In Short, this means low visibility on a global scale!

Our Mission is to build a group of aerospace companies, make it stronger, cohesive and determined to offer the best of the “Made in Italy” technology.

In other words: B2Bconnect is the company that brings together the finest Italian aerospace companies to offer the best of “Made in Italy”.

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Why B2Bconnect

High technology, speed, quality, these are the attributes of the aerospace industry.

The demand of high-quality products is increasingly pressing and requires quicker and more qualified answers. To meet the demand of the global aerospace market, it is essential to bring together the best of the Italian SMEs.

With B2Bconnect the most demanding requirements of the leading foreign industries will be met and exceeded by a team of qualified Italian aerospace experts.

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What we offer

B2Bconnect aims at becoming the entry point for any leading international aerospace industry into the excellency of the Italian production lines.

B2Bconnect is ready to provide not only high-standard solutions in the aerospace sector but also innovative and out-of-the-ordinary ones; all this thanks to the Italian enterprises of the group.

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